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Apache Foot & Ankle Specialists
Lee Wittenberg, DPM&Eunah Hong, DPM
5165 S. Fort Apche Rd., Ste. 180
Las Vegas, NV 89148
Phone: (702) 362 – 2622
Fax: (702) 362 – 0422

Let Apache Foot and Ankle Specialists be your one-stop for care of your foot and ankle needs.

Dr. Lee Wittenberg, a 3-year surgically trained podiatrist, is the newest addition to the Las Vegas podiatry community. He is board qualified in foot surgery and in reconstructive rearfoot and ankle surgery. He is trained in all elements of foot and ankle care, and has vast experience in diabetic wound care and limb salvage, conservative podiatric care, foot surgery, and reconstructive rearfoot and ankle surgery.

A fully equipped and state-of-the-art facility, Apache Foot & Ankle Specialists can diagnose and treat your Fractures and Sports Injuries, take a mold of your foot for Diabetic Shoes or Orthotics, or perform minor procedures, such as Ingrown Toenails.

Digital X-rays taken in the office will allow swift and accurate diagnoses of your bony foot and ankle pathologies.

All major surgical procedures will be taken care of in a hospital or surgery center for optimal care and sterility

Come to Apache Foot and Ankle Specialists and

"Walk Away on a Cloud!"


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Dr. Comfort
Dr. Eunah Hong  

Dr. Hongattended Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine in Philadelphia, where she earned her doctor of podiatric medicine degree in 2008.            

After graduation she did 2 year residency training in Wyckoff Medical Center in Brooklyn, NY which is affiliated with Weil Cornell Medical Center. The Hospital is located in a busy Brooklyn community where she saw a variety foot and ankle diseases and received good hands on experience. Then she moved to South New Jersey and completed 3 year Podiatric Medicine and Surgery residency training. She gained much of her rearfoot training in residency by working in South Jersey Medical Center, Vineland. Dr. Hong was trained in forefoot, rearfoot, and ankle surgery, wound care, diabetic limb salvage, and biomechanics.

Dr. Hong moved back to California where her families are and practiced as an independent practitioner in Ontario, California at a private practice.

She joined Apache foot & Ankle Specialists in November 2012 at 5165 S. Fort Apache Rd., Ste. 180 just west of the 215 on Fort Apache across from the Wal mart shopping center.
Dr. Hong is board qualified in both foot surgery and rearfoot and ankle surgery by American Board of Podiatric Surgery.

Apache Foot and Ankle Specialists’ warm office staff and comfortable environment are welcoming to new patients. At our office, there is great pride in attention to patient care, and appointments are scheduled so adequate time may be devoted to every person. Most insurances are accepted and very fair cash prices are available to those who are uninsured.

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