To all of our patients:  We apologize for any confusion with your appointments over the next few weeks.  Our associate, Dr. Eunah Hong, has moved on to other employment opportunities.  We are rescheduling all of Dr. Hong’s patients to see Dr. Lee Wittenberg, the owner and founder of Apache Foot & Ankle Specialists.

Please, rest assured that you will receive only the highest quality of Podiatric Care from Dr. Wittenberg.  Dr. Wittenberg had the highest level of training available in the field of Podiatry and reconstructive foot and ankle surgery.  He is also a specialists in the field of wound care, having extensive training in the latest technologies available in Diabetic wound care, Venous stasis ulcerations, Decubitus ulcers, and post-operative wounds and complications.

At Apache Foot & Ankle Specialists, we will continue to strive to provide you the best possible care at the highest level possible.  We pride ourselves on treating you like one of the family, and taking the care to treat you and your family like one of our own!

At Apache Foot & Ankle Specialists, we are here for you, and we can handle any problem related to your legs, feet and ankles.  Come see the best Foot & Ankle Specialists in Vegas!